L'Eau Rose


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L'Eau Rose
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It is the same faceted bottle with simultaneously sharp and soft ribbing. The matt black cap contrasts with the misleading tenderness of L'Eau Rose. But we know that paradox is what gives all Balenciaga fragrances their magnetic attraction.

Available in 50ml, 75ml.


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The Eau De Parfum
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L'Eau Rose is a luminous and cheerful eau de toilette. The lively touch of blackberry and precious musk comes to twist the vibrant heart of violet. The fragrance is colorful and easy to wear, but stays on beautifully and has a true Balenciaga signature. Perfumer Olivier Polge


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The Collection
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Balenciaga was involved in every step of the creation of this fragrance. They brought their unique style and vision to sign this pink and black bottle. The beautiful contrast between the matte black cap and the light pink juice gives a surprising yet delicate combination, making this new fragrance lively and young. Olivier Polge wanted to add very bright colors into the fragrance, a fresh naturality but also a wrapping softness that brings a very second-skin sensuality to the fragrance.