B. Balenciaga Intense


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B. Balenciaga Intense
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Maintaining the classic six-sided architectural design and unique exposed-arch cap of the original Balenciaga bottle, B. BALENCIAGA INTENSE reveals a darker, more intense color palette. The merlot graduated glass flacon complements silver and black detailing that invoke the feminine aspects of the modern Balenciaga woman.


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A deeper interpretation of the original fragrance, B. BALENCIAGA INTENSE is a vibrant and lavish mix that lures with an addictive, fruity hook of green tea, blueberry, and edamame, ultimately evolving to darker, dry woody notes of cedar, mahogany, and queen of the night. This combination of ingredients combines for an elegant and addictive fragrance. Perfumer: Domitille Bertier


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The Woman
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B. BALENCIAGA INTENSE celebrates the portrait of a woman as she unveils her darker, most essential self. She defines the modern woman’s profound power, confidence, and freedom to express emotion and sensuality, revealing a dramatic depth of emotion and raw femininity.